Check in and Ride the Big Red Time Machine at Papa D Productions Instant Replay Selector/ Tune in with PDRp Productions (Radio) - you call the tune .. Keep up to date with us from the 'Latest News' link .. Get in touch, Get involved at Papa D Productions - Get a great deal with our advertising packages . Buckle up and hold on tight as we go back in time Last update was on:
Tuesday 12th Dec 2017
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Get on board the big red time machine
buckle up and hold on tight as we go back into time
09.00am The Number 6 Cough Mixture show - Start your day with the 'Bag of Bits
10.00am The Big Red Time Machine - Themes with one common thread ... Taking you back in time
11.00am Three 'Good ol' boys' do Country - with Steve, Dave, and Rob
12.00am Papa D's 60's Jukebox - Pop goes the 60's - Mostly
13.00 / 1pm International feature: Skivbaken, with Krister .. (Radio Oskarshamn. Sweden)
14.00 / 2pm 50 Shades of Soul.. with Umm Leila
15.00 / 3pm The Reggae Shack - The Sunshine Groove
16.00 / 4pm The Blue Rock Box - Rock with a Sharp edge / Classic Blues that touch your soul
17.00 / 5pm International feature: New music - with Allen Bell .. (Canada) - a break from our retro stuff
18.00 / 6pm The Saturday Hop ... Rock and Roll with Susanne
19.00 / 7pm Northern Soul Recall Show with Steve Riley
20.00 / 8pm Just for Two - Cool sounds for evening listening
21.00 / 9pm The Retro Discotheque - The Golden era of Discotheque
22.00 / 10pm International feature: Late Night Jazz - 2hrs of Cool & Hot Jazz with Roberth (Sweden)
00.00 / 12pm Sweet soul in the night - 2hrs From Umm Leila's soul collection
02.00 / 2am Relax at the Rainbow Room - Papa D's Late Night Lounge - Taking you through the night. We're playing relaxing music through the night until we start our programs at 9am.
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Papa D Productions hosted by WHUK
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  Papa D's 'Big Red Time Machine'
This week's Time Machine & PDRp Replay Selector
If only we could include all of them, but we've only got an hour. .. Uploading to the subscribing radio stations on Thursday 14th December. All the usual Papa D Productions including on the 'Time Machine' - 'The Beatles Classic Albums'
Listen again to your favourite show at the PDRp Replay Selector ..

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Coming soon on the Time Machine
7th Dec Jazz Bandstand
14th Dec The Beatles (Albums)
21st Dec Bah Humbug .. It's Christmas music time (Slade?)
28th Dec Saturday Night Fever
4th Jan The Beatles Albums
11th Jan Greatest instrumentals of all time
18th Jan The birth of Rock & Roll
25th Jan A Hunk of Punk
1st Feb As the 50's turned into the 60's
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Umm Leila's 50 Shades of Soul Contact Umm Leila Direct
Umm Leila's 50 Shades of Soul show updated - Click this banner ...
Papa D's Retro Discotheque
Keeping the spirit of Disco alive
The 'Time Machine' Discotheque ... Time to join us on the Time Machine as we travel back to the golden era of Discotheque .. The 70's and early 80's .. We'll be playing the hits and the classic tracks that filled the dance floors all those years ago and make no mistake .. they still do.
Get involved, choose the tracks for the two in a row spot and Papa D Remembers, Classic track on the week. Tell us about your special memory track - Click here

PDRp Productions (Radio) ...
PDRP Productions (Radio) We're streaming the archives from the Papa D Productions showcase right back to the very beginning. Discotheque, Sweet Soul, Late Night Jazz, Country, Reggae, Northern Soul, Skivbaken, Rock & Roll and of course the 'Time Machine' .. and we'll be telling you where you can hear the latest editions of these shows .. So if retro music is your scene, come back with us on the big red time machine.
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Advertise with us .. get involved ... We invite you to Sponsor a show or Advertise with us. Take a close look at the example package here. All for less than a £1 a day, which may be tax deductible (ask your financial advisor). We're based in and Advertise with Papa D Productions broadcast across Somerset (UK), but not exclusively .. we're loud and clear right around the world. We offer you a selected slot for your commercial between 10am and 10pm - 5 days a week.

Get Involved .. why not let us take a look at your show for us to stream on PDRp Productions (Radio) or you could even get the Papa D productions on your radio station completely free.

Northern Soul IconSteve's Northern Soul Recall Show .... We're proud to be 'Keeping the faith' .. Join Steve in remembering those legendary clubs .. Wigan Casino, The Twisted Wheel, The Torch and so many more. Our good friend Steve will be taking you on a trip back in time with the tracks that we just know will bring back those 'All Nighter' memories ......

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Steve recommends - Track of the week .. Click here  
Papa D's Reggae Shack .. The sunshine groove  
We have no idea what it is about this track, hardly a week goes by when we don't get asked to play it on the Reggae Shack show .. The Pioneers! Long Shot - Kick the bucket ... Fortunately, it's one of our favorites too ..
The Reggae ShackGet on board the big red time machine and come on a journey with us as we go back to the birth of this great genre, playing tracks from the 50's 60's 70's and early 80's ... Come on in, relax, pour yourself a large mint julep and fall apart at the Papa D Reggae Shack. Now, about this great track - Click here

Check out the Papa D Showcase archive .. Just click here
Papa D Productions - What's your pleasure