Meet Papa Dee & The Doc
..... Just wanted to say, Hello


Papa Dee ... After nearly 10 years working for her Majesty (in the Royal Navy) I found myself on the South coast of the UK working for provincial radio as a general dog’s body. Finally, I persuaded some fool to take me on as a presenter. Any suggestions that I used drugs to get the job are entirely false!
After two great years I graduated as a DJ to the Clubs and Discotheques in the Midlands in the days of those white suits, hot pants (mainly the ladies!), ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and all that.  All good things must end and finally that scene became old and died. Memories of actually sharing a stage with the Emperor Rosko (I came a very distant second that day) – and a gig at the famous Wigan Casino was quite enough to be going on with. I retired, but not for long.

Jump forward to 2012 ... and those FM radio station earphones and the studio audio desk were calling again. My step daughter was to blame. With more than a little cajoling I started again. The old magic was still there (In the music) and the next few years were like being back in the 70s;  but where to go from here? A chance meeting with an old shipmate (The Doc) and suddenly the world of ‘Blues’ dawned and here we are, Papa D and The Doc...listening to ‘Just the Blues Talking’.

The Legend that is The 'Doc' .. Every project needs an expert and a guru. What we were looking for was one of those machines where you put a coin in the slot and ask a question. What we found was Graham  aka The Doc, with literally thousands of tracks and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of expert knowledge.
You can imagine how delighted we are to have his expertise, together with a bottomless bucket of knowledge and skill .. A musician and a terrific guitarist to boot who KNOWS the blues .......
We're delighted to bring you, 'The Doc Takes 5' and 'The Doc's page'. Get to know the Doc and ask your questions at the Get in touch page. We'd just love to hear from you.

... and so ... As the song goes:  ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’ and you know what... it was!  With no plans to retire, unless the electricity runs out and we go back to gas and candles, we'll keep listening to and producing ‘Listen to the Blues Talking’ with you, our very good friends right around the world. Two, a little long in the tooth, Blues rockers who plan to keep rockin’ for a very long time yet .... It's 'Just the Blues Talking' to us, and you.

Best wishes,
Papa D & The Doc .... 2019