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The Doc Takes 5 .. ..
Most of the time, the 'Doc' and I meet up and put together a playlist from the archives for the 'Listen to the Blues Talking' and 'Backtracking to the Delta' productions which we then send out to radio stations around the world and stream on our website.

Just occasionally, we sit down in the Doc's dining room and 'shoot the breeze' over a cup of tea and generally talk about 'Blues' music and those great artists.

So, what we've decide to do, informally, is to get the Doc to choose Five of his favourite tracks and invite you to join us at the table as we discuss and talk about them and of course play them for you. Why not get involved, perhaps you'd like to ask the 'Doc' about an aspect of the blues, comment or even disagree about something you've heard. Email us at the link below. We plan to do this around about every couple of months, but for now, listen and download the latest 'The Doc takes 5'

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